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Sunday, February 14, 2016 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

In A Open Marriage???

With relationships and marriages now being more open and complicated than ever before; is the society tarnishing the sacred vows of two people coming together or do we have to adapt to the way we view monogamy?

Monique speaking on her open-marriage:
About couple of weeks ago I was online minding my business  lurking and reading articles when I, once again, came across this topic that I'm about to discuss; so actress/comedian Monique stated more than once that she and her husband were in a 'open-marriage'
meaning that they are free to have sexual partners outside their relationship. After those public statements, needless to say she got lot of flak for it, in which she felt the need to make yet another statement defending her case as she referred other celebrities couples Will & Jada and Brad & Angelina making the same life choices and not being judged due to their physical appearances. 

Are we following a trend or this is an ancient practice?
Polygamy has been practiced since the human existence in many different cultures where men were usually the ones to have multiple mistresses but married to one woman. Even today, in some cultures in India, there are women who are married to two or three different men. So did we adapt monogamy in the recent evolution and now we are going back to our ancient tradition with a modern twist? Or are we simply trying so hard to be open-minded that we are accepting of every new norm regarding our personal lives? 

Celebrities vs regular people in open marriages:
When you have millions of people watching your every move, groupies throwing themselves at you and literally being worshipped by your fans, its quite easy to lose grip on the real world and how regular people deal with it vs how the celeb deals with it. Call me opinionated and/or judgemental but the way I see it: it feels as if these celebs want to push their lifestyle onto us regular ass people and there is where my issue comes in. I have way too many 'average people problems' and being in open relationship/marriage is not and will not be one of them.  

My personal view:
Society is changing us to the point where we forget nor value the reason behind committing to one person we would like to share and spend our life with. 
Can somebody, anybody explain to me why two people would get married, take vows, share life together if the single lifestyle is still in their system?
How does it even work? Do you go on double-dates? Can you bring the other person home? Is it just sexual thing or do you actually have a whole relationship?
These are sincere questions so if any of my readers are in an open situation then please let me know. 

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