Money vs Passion

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Money vs Passion 

They say "focus on your passion and money will follow" but living in todays world and in one of the most expensive capitals, how can one solely focus on passion if the passion isn't bringing in enough to put bread on the table? 

There are certain careers that gives you opportunity to start working for already established companies and therefore can work your way up, such as being a lawyer, doctor, engineer etc. however, this article is focusing on the career paths that requires the individual to be more creative and artistic. These career paths are for writers, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs… I think you know where I am going with this, so lets start shall we?

Since we live in this realistic world, one where you need roof over your head, got bills to pay and food on the table, how can you choose and find the right equilibrium between a job and following your dreams?

Lets say you are writing your greatest novel while working a regular job, which you have no intention of staying and merely there to make ends meet. You are up till stupid hours to write but then you also have to go to your nine to five, five days a week. 
This then could prove that juggling a day time job, while working on your dream career, your true calling as they say, to be difficult. 

Speaking (in this case writing) from personal experience, 
I would recommend to cut it down to part-time instead of full time job. If your boss ain't with it (like my old boss) then make sure you save enough money to get you by for a temporary solution, at least until you get a flexible job that can accommodate while you are focusing on your passion. 

Now don't get me wrong; I not trying to make you quit your day job to follow your dream while homeless or sofa-surfing as this isn't an "inspiring" Hollywood movie but as tomorrow is never guaranteed, then why not take a leap of faith and work on something you are truly passionate about instead of living with regret when you look back (decades later) at your life. 

People (mainly family and/or friends) might not understand your mission to chase your dreams as us human are afraid of the uncertainty that comes with that. Loved ones are usually not "hating"…Trust me, nothing is more discouraging than loved ones doubting you but don't take it to heart as some people are narrow minded and simply cannot comprehend your choice of path. 

This is one of those scenarios where balance, budget and being organised come to play. You need to be able to balance your time between working and working on your craft. Budgeting is highly imperative, especially if you quit your regular job or decided to do part-time and of course, organising all of the above. 
There are things you can do in to jumpstart you career such as, training, work experience, internships, apprenticeships etc. don't forget that networking is also vital. Sometimes planting yourself around the right people at the right time and place is the key of that door where your passion is waiting for you. 

What are you passionate about? 

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  1. Money doesn't provide happiness it is a necessity. Good post, as usual :)