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Introduce Your Child To Your New Man?

As being a single mother isn't hard enough, now you also have to consider when and how you are going bring the new man into your kid's life. 

The recent story about singer Ciara introducing her infant son to her new her man NFL player Russell Wilson has caused quite a controversy. What is wrong with this you wonder, well according to the father of her son who is the rapper Future and some media outlets; it is too soon for the child and the football player to be spending so much time together as the couple are only dating few months. 

As old as time and the human race, gender roles always came with great double standards along with unwritten rules, which makes this case a prime example as one of them. 
What makes a woman irresponsible for introducing her child to her boyfriend? Why is the man less judged for moving on from previous relationship? And the main question: When is the right time to allow your child in the presence of your new dude? 

In some cultures when the woman is a single mother, not many men dare to date, love her nor publicly claim her as she brings shame due to her previous failed relationship, categorising her as 'used up'. 
But lets think for a second and ask ourselves; How about if the roles were reversed and it is the man how introduced his new Mrs to his child? 

Not only did Ciara got scrutinised and prejudiced but so did Russell Wilson as people (mainly men) claimed he is playing daddy to a child that is not his, therefore disrespecting the father of the child… ok. 

A man can have multiple mothers to his children aka baby moms but if a man dates a single mother, then it is an issue and frowned upon. 
Now, it is absolutely understandable if this man has a baggage such as criminal record (register sex offender is an absolute no)  multiple baby mothers (Future) and/or questionable past. 

You can't help with whom you fall in love with and there are men out there who are genuine with their intentions so why prevent that with judgement because they are not taking it slow according to your timing?
As long as the biological father has been notified about the new bae, then it shouldn't be any issue. I mean, there will be a point in which you will move on regardless. 

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