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God Created Man And Man Created Immortality.

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Martinez, Matthew Goode
Director: Tarsem Singh 
Genre: Sci/fi Thriller
Written by: Alex Pastor & David Pastor

Damien Hale (Ben Kingsley) is a wealthy entrepreneur suffering from terminal cancer along with almost non-excistant relationship with his only daughter. When he finds out through his business partner about a (secret) scientific institute that caters to the wealthy in transforming his mind into a new body, he reluctantly agrees to inheriting new and younger body of a man           (Ryan Reynolds). 

As Damien is adjusting and enjoying his new young, hot and healthy body, he begins to suffer from visions of what seems to be past life of his new body. However, when he reveals this to his doctor/scientist (Matthew Goode), he assures Damien that its nothing more than hallucinating. 
Not believing him the doctor/scientist, he starts to search the identity of his new body, soon followed by sinister secrets of the organisation and their willingness to do whatever it takes to keep him from finding the truth. 

My take:
A really good movie but somewhere towards the end, where it should have been the climax of the film, it loses IT, causing the plot to loose its purpose. Many questions rose in my head: Who are the organisation? Are they backed by the government? How can one man kill all of these people? How does he know that a bullet can stop from the mind being transferred to another body?

It almost felt as the director got bored mid-filming and decided to just throw everything in it. Maybe he got mid inspired (or demotivated). In whichever the case, I really wish the plot would have been less predictable and stayed on track with the initial 
The potential certainly was there, however it went from thriller to a full blown action flick, including car chases, kidnapping, rescuing the damsel in distress and her little girl. 

However, just as it started off great, it also ended emotionally great. What can I say? I am a sucker for a tear drop worthy endings. Definitely a movie to watch, even if it is just for the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds, so judge it for yourself. 

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