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To lighten dark armpits and eliminate odour

While shaving your armpits could eventually lead to darker and saggy skin compared to the rest of your skin. There is a hidden secret that only few know about it. 

Known to be one of the best hang-over cure (when mixed with water), Lime/lemon contains acids and antioxidants ingredients which cleanses the body on the inside as well as the skin. 

Although there are various methods of eliminating a dour on armpits such Botox, which is known to reduce excessive sweat but containing chemical ingredients not to mention the price tag that comes with it. 

This has to be one of the most simple, organic yet cheap way of getting the result you desire. 
Not does it only lighten the armpits but it also eliminates the odour and any over excessive sweat.  
1. Cut one rip lime or lemon in half
2. Rub the citrus into your armpits and leave it for 10 to 15
3. Wash it off as you normally would and repeat this routine daily. 

This also works on men so if you are a male reading this, don't be quick to dismiss it. 
After trying it for seven days straight, I can honestly say that this method absolutely works. 
Depending on how often you use, it would take time for results to show so be patient with it. 
Please try it and leave your feedback in the comment box below as I am really curious to it works it for you. 

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