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Bobbi Kristina

It is now officially confirmed that Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has passed away, 26/07/1993. 

The daughter of music legend Whitney Houston dies at age 22, family confirms. Six months after being found in bathtub in her home, facing down Bobbi has made her transition weeks after being transferred from hospital to a hospice in Georgia with family members were by her side. 

CYI first reported this story early February this year when the troubled young Bobbi was found in bathtub of her home, unconscious. It was alleged that she had drugs in her system but also what appeared to be bruises on her body and swollen lip. 

As the story is still developing, DailyMail reports that police is investigating the case and Nick Gordon who is the alleged husband of Bobbi Kristina, is the prime suspect in this investigation. 
Autopsy will be conducted on her to examine and reveal what the cause of her death is as it is still unclear since she first was found unconscious. 

One of the biggest loses a person could go through in life are the loss of a parent and the loss of a child so I can only imagine the pain this girl was experiencing post her mother's death. And as life in the lime light proves to intensify personal struggles, it is deeply sad that this young soul's life got cut so abruptly. 
This is very tragical time for both families and our prayers are with them. 
Rest In Peace. 

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