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Black Rose 

Two years since 'Open Invitation' came out and another Fast & the Furious movie under his belt, Tyrese releases his much anticipated album. 

Black Rose' the seventh album of the singer/actor has officially been released last Friday. 
14 songs including features with Snoop Dogg, Brandy, Tank and Chrisette Michele, track after track this is the kind of album you won't want to skip a song. The pellucid way of writing layers the songs with emotions of honesty and pain.

Excellent produced and composed while speaking through his truth of failed relationship(s), broken hearts and infidelity regrets, this album has all the traits of traditional R&B love story. 

In recent interview with Angie Martinez, the singer mentions that one of the main reasons as to why he made this album is that he feels that real R&B music is fading and what we hear on the radio and main stream media isn't real R&B. He continues to say "I don't have 15 rappers on my album" shade or nah? 

This is my top five (so far) songs on the album. 

Addict' is the first track on the album and he made a great choice doing so as the first song always should demonstrate a glimpse of whats to be expected from the album. The lyrics are a perfect mixture of love and lust, 

Dumb Shit (featuring Snoop Dogg and Black Ty)
Named after one of Tyrese's favourite sayings, 'Dumb Shit' is already a hit amongst fans. Reminiscing all the mistakes made in love department, Tyrese sings while Snoop is rapping about it… I am sorry in both R&B and Hip Hop language. 

In Shame Tyrese delivers transparency as he pours his heart out about all the cheating he has done in his previous relationships although he does not particularly state which one his exes he referring to, it is however a song that all listeners can relate to. 

Don't Wanna Look Back (featuring Chrisette Michelle) 

One of my favourite songs on Black Rose, great collab as they compliment each other's vocals in this love fest track. This is the kinda song that makes you fall in love with the idea of love. 

The Rest of Our Lives (Featuring Brandy)
This song is just all shades of love and romance. Perfectly balancing one another, these two artists have created the classical duet of a beautiful R&B song…And Brandy will take you there. 

This is now by far one of my favourite R&B albums in 2015. Modern yet classic, it's what I like to call pure R&B as we all know and love it. 

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