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Shopping Spree

In an era where the Internet has become part of the actual world and our daily dealings have become revolved around it, it is only smart to know where to shop, for a great bargain. So CYI conducted top five online stores, just for you. 


    Launched in 2008, Groupon is an online deal-of-the-day 
    service where one can find major discounted holiday trips,
    furniture, dinner at Michelin starred restaurants, just to name a 
    few. If you ever want to impress someone with nice dinner, spa 
    or a holiday trip without breaking your bank or blowing up all
    your savings, then this is the place for you.


   Much like Groupon, Wowcher is another daily-deal service 
   website that offers practically almost everything with discounts. 
   However, it tends to focus more on female consumers as much 
   of the offers demonstrate it.


   I can easily say that this is one my favourite online stores. 
   Stacked with well-known brands at a very reasonable price. 
   A true dream for all you fashionistas out there. The only downer 
   is when checking out, the VAT and delivery prices are not 
   included, so depending on the item(s) you are buying, 
   you will be additionally charged.


   Considered to be one number online shopping website in the 
   world, Amazon has everything a person a can ever need. Trust
   me, in my tight-on-cash student time, my to go to bookstore was
   (and still is) this store.


   This online shop is dedicated to those who enjoy wearing bootleg
   brand clothing, handbags and/or shoes. I must admit though, 
   the items on sell are so well-forged that they even have the 
   red bottom on the bottom of the Louboutin shoes. So if you want 
   stunt on Social Media, then this is the place for you. 

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