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Sunday, June 14, 2015 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

 A Billion Dollar Lady

Actress Jessica Alba has stunned the world with her new, yet unforeseen business venture in the baby/maternity industry. 

After experiencing redness and rashes during her pregnancy, and being unable to find suitable products for her and her newborn, Ms Alba started to research the contents of her "then-current" products she was using on herself as well as on her baby. This resulted in her taking action after discovering that majority of those products contained toxic contents. 

After various rejects from potential investors, the actress finally took matters into her own hands and decided to launch her business, which quite frankly could be the best (business) decision she ever made. She then created "The Honest Company" an eco-friendly baby and household products lines, catered to mothers and babies. Never taking her acting career for granted, she saved up her money invested great deal into her current business, which obviously is paying off, big time!

Although Jessica Alba is a famous actress, not attaching her name to the company was actually be a crucial decision to her billion dollar success as we all know that the key players of this monopoly game of life are those behind the scenes. 

Things we learned from Jessica Alba:
Never take any success (fame and/or fur tune for granted). 
Always invest in your future.
Keep the fame and give me all the fortune. 

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