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Thursday, May 21, 2015 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

Seinabo Sey 

As you all should know by now, CYI loves to reveal new artists with raw talents who are (yet) to receive the full recognition they deserve globally and this rising star is one of them.  

For those you who haven't heard or seen this breathing art, meet Seinabo Sey, 24-year old singer who is half Gambian and Swedish, from Stockholm, Sweden.
She won the Swedish Grammy Awards as the best "Best Newcomer" artist in 2014.  

When I first heard her music I immediately fell in love. I mean, this girl's voice is heavy and full of emotion, I almost fell like I just climbed out of a rock and fell upset at the fact that I have not heard of her. Not only is her voice the factor but what completes the magic the lyrics of her songs along with the "dark" inspired music.

Check out her two songs down below.
Pistols at Down:


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