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30 and Single 

Each year of getting older should and is usually considered a great blessing but… what is it about a woman turning 30 that gets her over the edge? 

Every woman has had a childhood dreams on how her life should and would turn out to be on when she reaches a certain age. However, there's this thing called "life" and it has its own manner of getting in the way of those dreams in which things can turn into state of self doubt, resulting in borderline depression.

The real question is; What is it about turning 30 that turns a woman's head spin? Is it due to being single? Is it because of that dreadful family gatherings where everybody keeps reminding you about you being 30 and single? 

The truth is that from childhood, society grooms us to the idea that regardless of your achievements, if the woman does not have man and child, her life isn't complete. 

Although we are independent, career focused and have so much to be grateful for, it is that ideology that we have had from our upbringing that a woman's life isn't complete without a man nor a child. 

But thank God we have reached an era where women are finding a partner at a later age, making this the new norm. 
In fact, 30 should feel liberating compared to being in your 20s, wiser and less prone to poor decision-making skills (questionable choices in men, amnesia filled nights, endless confusion about who you are) you get the gist. 
Moral of the story
Don't beat yourself about turning or being 30 but instead celebrate the fact that you have so much more going for yourself. Embrace your independence as millions of women across the globe do not have it, either by life choices or circumstances. Go out there and do the things you can't do once you become a mother or wife. 

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