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With female rappers that are actually talented decreasing in the music industry, this young new artist has the true gift based  on the message behind her music

Trinity Home, known as Tink is a 20 year old singer and rapper who has been under the wing of none other than the legend music producer, Timbaland even though she has been crafting her art since childhood with her father's support. 

What makes stand out? Her out-school flow, combining singing and rapping, as well as her ability for lyrically story-telling. 
Considering her age, she sings and raps about situations this generation face and addresses social issues through her music where a lot of rappers who are older than her and have more platform constantly overlook. 

Her debut album, Think Tink is coming out this summer but no official date as of yet, but worry, CYI will definitely be reviewing it so stay tuned. 

Prediction: She will one of the biggest female rappers of 2015, if not the biggest. 

Check out her Ratchet Commandments video below:

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