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Sunday, March 01, 2015 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

On How To Keep Your Woman

I am sick and tired of hearing, seeing and reading about all these 'how to keep a man' tips, advice, movies and books etc. How about a 'how to keep a woman' guide? So I've composed a top five on how to keep your woman to help you fellas (gals) out. In no particular order:

1. Humor. 

    Us women love when a man knows how to make us laugh, so    
    gentlemen make sure that you put effort into putting smiles and 
    laughs on your woman's face. 

2. Undivided Attention.

    Nothing gets more to a woman than knowing that you are 
    always there for her, through hormones, mood swings and for 
    just being a female. So fellas, when you are with her, make sure 
    it is more than you just being there physically but also mentally 

3. Her Best Friend.

    People sometimes forget how to be or stay friends when they 
    are in a relationship. Don't only confide in your friends but also
    in your significant other because if you can't tell her your 
    troubles or share your happiness, then your in the wrong 
    relationship with the wrong person. 
4. Listen To Her. 
   As a woman, nothing is worse than to have a partner who seems 
   the least interested in what you have to say, having to repeat 
   yourself as he was too busy not listening. We need someone we 
   can vent on about our day. 

5. Action Over Words 

   The worst kind of man is the one who is always talking in the 
   future tense. "I will" "tomorrow" "I promise" I think you get the 
   drift here. So instead of false promises and beautiful lies just be 
   honest with her with the things you can and/or cant do. Trust me,
   that will get you far in life and in relationships. 

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