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Sunday, February 08, 2015 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

Bobbi Kristina

The daughter of the late music legend Whitney Houston and 'New Edition' singer Bobby Brown is still in hospital after found unconscious in bathtub.

The 21 year old was found by her friend/alleged drug dealer in the tub in late January and has been in coma ever since. There hasn't been any official report on the cause of this tragedy but few things are very obvious; this incident happened a week shy from three years since her mother passed. Incident occurred in the bathtub.

All though there are a lot of speculations on the progress of her condition or the lack thereof, the immediate family members have yet to confirm or deny that they have taken Bobbi Kristina off life support. 

What saddens me the most about this story (apart from the incident) is the lack of compassion for the young girl who has lost her mother exactly three years ago under similar circumstances. We keep forgetting that these celebrities are just humans like us, who happen to be living their lives in the spotlight for the world to see and judge. 

From a personal perspective, one of the most heartbreaking things is the loss of one's mother, especially when she was the only person in the world who truly cared about you. Because she is the daughter of Witney Houston and is worth millions does not make her immune to happenings and personal struggles of life, as God does not discriminate. 
Please keep her in your preyers and lets judge less. 

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