The Naturals

Thursday, May 22, 2014 Muna Lisa 3 Comments

The time of weaves, wigs and lacefronts have come, stayed and now slightly declining. With that being said, the trends are shifting towards ethic women embracing their natural hair and wearing it out. 

More celebrities are showing off their natural hair i.e. Oprah, Gabrielle Union and Taraji P Henson for the public to see. So why not do the same and bring the best out of your hair. 
Here are some tips that I use as part of me gaining and maintaining healthy hair. 

1. Drink lots of water

Whatever you consume, has a direct reflect on your body, therefore water is highly important for your hair to get the proper moisture it needs from inside the body. 

2. Hydratation 

Curly and kinky hair are naturally drier than straight hair so it requires lots of moisturising. My personal regimen on keeping my hair hydrated and shiny is to deep condition with homemade hair masks and hot oil treatments. My favourite mix is avocado, eggs and Jamaican caster oil. 

3. Healthy eating

As I mentioned in the first tip, it is very important to eat healthy and clean. This should be the first step towards healthy hair (and body). Aim for the regular three meals a day, organic and non fat. 

4. Workout 

The best way to grow and maintain healthy hair is to workout, to be healthy and fit, which eventually will contribute to strong and fit hair, just like your body. 

5. No heat 

The last but most definitely not the least; avoid direct heat to your hair as much as you can. I, for example go to the hair dresser once or twice a month and get it blow dried. For the rest of the time, I do not use any type of heating on my hair. 

There are so many hair products aimed at natural hair,which does not contain any chemicals so why not make your best accessory shiny, healthy and most of all, all yours. Nothing is better than to be proud of your own hair. 

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