The Dumbest Story Of The Year!

Monday, October 14, 2013 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

Man Fakes His Own Gun Point Kidnapping 

34 year old man from Texas staged his own kidnapping in front of his wife so that he could go out drinking with friends. 

This has to be the most ridiculous story of the year! Rogelio Andaverde (picture above) conspired with two friends to come to his house, masked and with guns to drag him at gun point so that his wife can witness the incident. You wonder why a grown man would do such a thing? Well, so he could go out partying with his friends without his wife nagging him. 

After witnessing the horrific/hilarious encounter the wife called the police. Five hours into the investigation/search, Mr Andaverde came back to the house, claiming that the "kidnappers" simply just let him go. The police interviewed the man intensely, as they suspected that the story wasn't adding up and finally the man confessed to staging the whole thing. And of course he was charged for creating false criminal report and is now out on bail after posting $5,000. 

I think the police needs to investigate the dynamics of their marriage because if you have to go to such a great length of lie just so you could go out with friends, then there is something really wrong with your marriage. Or he is just plain stupid. 

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