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Sunday, September 22, 2013 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

Three Tips That Can Make Your Life Easier As A Student 

The summer holidays have come to an end and our daily routine of life has started again. As a student I know all too well about the struggles and how bringing back the daily routine into your system can be draining and sometimes even exhausting, but I have tips for you on how you can manage your time, while doing what you need to do and still find time for yourself as these tips is what I personally swear by. 
1. Prioritise your time and work 
Start with your earliest deadline and schedule what you going to do and how. If you have more than one deadline around the same time, then divide your time and do few hours of each assignment every week so you wont be swamped with a lot of  work at the last minute. 

2. Be organised
Use sticky notes, diary and/or your phone, whatever it takes to stay   on top of your work.  Don't leave everything till the last moment and start it early so you have plenty of time to do your work. Timing is everything. 

3. Work hard play hard
University/College life is all about the experiences and the fun life that comes with it, apart from working on your degree of course. These experiences are precious as you will never get this time in your life back, so make the most out of your life as a student but never forget the reason why you are there. 

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