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Sunday, September 29, 2013 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

Three "Mob Wives" Cast Members Won't Be Returning To Season Four 

With season four currently filming, the ladies kinda sorta confirmed that some of the cast members will not be returning. 

Left to right: Renee Graziano, Drita Davanzo, Carla Facciolo and Karen Gravano. 

Although it is not officially confirmed by the producers of the show, however Renee confirmed it on Twitter and later deleted it When asked on a red carpet event about the rumours  Ramona Rizzo (who was in season two and three) said that the reason she quit the show was because they didn't pay her and that the producers lie to the cast members to create drama between the ladies for ratings. Isn't that the main reason to why we watch the show?

The two other cast members also leaving the show are the originals Karen Gravano (daughter of mob boss Sammy the Bull) and Carla Facciolo. It is still not clear why the ladies quit the show or got fired.  

Karen also retweeted when someone said
"I'm going to have to find another to watch now that I heard you wasn't coming back on! There is no #MobWives without Karen"

As a fan of the show, I'm actually quiet sad to see these ladies
leave, but by the looks of the tweets between Ramona and Renee, there is more to the story and by far from over. That would be a great storyline for the show.

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