Fake Pregnancy

Sunday, September 01, 2013 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

Women Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests On Craigslist for $25!

Craigslist, known for selling for the most outrageous items has now new product on its shelves!

Now a normal human being would wonder why on earth would one sell and/or buy a used pregnancy test. Well, we could understand  the selling part as people will sell anything for money but whats hard to comprehend is who the hell would buy it? To entrap that boyfriend/lover/ex/one night stand/the man doesn't want anything to do with you after that time. 

This is what one woman in New York described what she's selling;

"I'm pregnant and will sell you my positive pregnancy test for $20,' one woman on Manhattan's Lower East Side writes. 'I don't care what you need them for"

This is what one woman in Dallas described why she is buying;

"After five years and two children my ex-boyfriend came home and told me that he got his receptionist pregnant. 
We had been trying for another baby. He texted and said he isn't sure who he wants to be with and I think I handled it well for what a cheating lying dog he is. I would like the last laugh out of this. I will give some girl $40.'

This is very disturbing and immoral and there should be a law against these actions. 

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