Undercover Hater

Sunday, August 11, 2013 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

How Come We Sometimes Outgrow The People In Our Lives?

Is it morally wrong for people to 'outgrow' individuals in their lives? Im talking about any relationship, bffs, childhood friends, maybe even your significant other... 

People could be in each other's lives for a long time, could've been through thick and thin and know each other's deepest secrets but sometimes in life, one will have an epiphany and come to the realisation that the relationship you thought you had is not out off love but competition, now the question is; what could reach to that breaking point? 

You see, we as humans are meant to learn, grow and seek our destination/calling in life but when one person has nothing but bad intentions for you and/or doesn't grow with you in the same direction in life as he/she sees you as a competitor and isn't in alignment with you, then that relationship could be draining, maybe even toxic. 

Then there are those who are closest to you but deep down they do not want to see you in the light of success and usually envy and jealousy could be the cause of this as when one person is growing in life and the other is not (to their standard).  
Its fine to have different outlook on life as opposites attract but if the person closest to you is that undercover hater in your life then love them from distance to eliminate the negative energy in your life. 

Don't feel guilty about cutting people out of your life as sometimes it is necessary to put yourself first and foremost. 

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