Tuesday, August 20, 2013 Muna Lisa 2 Comments

"Criminal Minds" and "Derma & Greg" Actor Thomas Gibson Got Real Life Catfished

The married actor and father of three got catfished by a random stranger who claimed to be woman on Twitter.

Here's the full story: a random stranger approached the actor on Twitter about two years ago, claiming to be a woman who is a fan of him and of course he took the bait. They developed an online 'relationship' where various pictures and videos were exchanged but Gibson later found out that the person is sending pictures off a porn site and therefore has no idea who hell he has been virtually intimate with. LOL. 

The actor's lawyers tried to cut a deal with the mystery lover but he or she (maybe even them or it) decided to sell the evidence to TMZ instead. 

Check Out The Hilarious Video: 

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