Love Pill

Friday, April 26, 2013 Muna Lisa 2 Comments

Scientists Are Developing A Medicine To Make People Fall In Love. 

Scientists at the Oxford University are making a drug that could make couples fall in love even deeper! 

According to the scientists, this drug is intended for couples, who after years of being together have lost the 'butterflies' in the relationship as they had it in the beginning. The pill is filled with neurohormones that releases the part of the brain where the 'love' is  located. 

Although this drug sounds great for those who are in a loveless relationships, however what we are curious about the potential side effects; can single people take it? Can it make you fall in love with the 'wrong' person? What if a psycho/stalker/serial killer takes  it and falls in love with an innocent person??? 

This drug can do a lot harm than good if you ask us as potential side effects can be very dangerous, but since we haven't got all the information yet, we are going to be open minded about it. 

Would you take this drug? Let us hear your view on this....

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  1. I wud put in my lover's drink.

  2. Thats not the way forward hun