Are We All Gay???

Friday, April 05, 2013 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

Ok, so before you start to get all defensive and shit, what CYI is referring to is; are we, as human beings, in some way or the other attracted to the same sex? 

Through the controversy of todays society about homosexauality and its borderline definitions, CYI has decided to finally cover this topic with the outmost brutal honesty.
Now, I know some you (especially dudes) might be thinking: What The Fuck are these people talking about?! But hear us out: 

According to the largest sex survey in Europe, 50% of men are either attracted or had some kind of sexual experience with another man. 

Apart from the 'casual' role plays couples have, (hopefully) behind closed doors and the occasional usage of toys, there is also scientific proof that we indeed may have some sort of physical attraction to the same sex. People who engage in anal sex, especially men are more likely to be involved in sexual act with the same gender. Some might say  "just because one like to get kinky in bed, it doesn't however suggest that person is homosexual". 
And although we know homosexuality goes back in the BC era, there are still people out there (especially men) who are on the down low about this deep buried desires that only comes out in the bedroom as we are more accepting of these things than ever before. 

Because some people don't want to give their significant other the choice to decide wether they want to be in a intimate relationship with a gay or a bisexual person, we've made you a list of 3 things you need to check your partner with or whoever you smashing at the moment to prevent any type of sticky/awkward/messy situations:

1. Inserts in the exit area:
    Anyone who wants to penetrate your 'exit' areas with objects
    such as finger(s), banana, dildo or anything that looks like these  

2. Sly comments/compliments about the same-sex person:
    If your significant other speaks, acts and demonstrates 
    suspicious, then go off on your instinct and keep it moving.

3. That roommate/best friend situation:
    If he lives with his 'best friend' post age 25 and they have nooo 
    intentions of growing up, then he probably smashing his homey.  

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