Ladies! Does Size Matter???

Monday, March 18, 2013 Muna Lisa 0 Comments

In this category we discuss love, sex & relationships. Today we want to focus on one of the oldest myths known to men kind. Does size matter? 

According to recent studies, size DOESN'T matter. 'It is about the quality, not the quantity'. Well I'm not convinced! I personally believe that size plays a major part in when it comes to intercourse. It doesn't matter how good- looking, how sexy and how well he performs oral sex, if he is working with a 2.7 inch then you wouldn't be able feel shit...Trust me, CYI KNOWs! 

I asked one of my male friends what his views were on this topic and I must say that I was very surprised to hear that he actually agreed with me. He said that it does matter but that it all depends on the woman. Why? I mean isn't what every woman wants, a fully packed man? He said: "No,cause I know from experience that some females have orgasm from foreplay and not from intercourse". Well, I don't know that kind of females but if you do, or if you are then do not hesitate to contact us or post a comment on your views on this topic. 

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