Justin Bieber Threats Neighbour!

Thursday, March 28, 2013 Muna Lisa 2 Comments

Police is investigating battery allegations against the 19 years old singer after threatening to kill his neighbour. 

Justin Bieber is acting up again and this time got into it with his neighbour. The row allegedly started when Bieber was driving around recklessly around his neighbourhood in his Ferrari with couple of his homies. Fed up with the house parties and the racing that has been going on in the singer's LA home, the neighbour decided to approach Bieber. However, he did not anticipate the response he would receive! Justin Bieber allegedly spat in the guy's face and told him that he will "fucking kill him".

The matter is police under investigation so the story is still developing...

CYI Advice: Justin, you are spiralling out of control boy! Please do not turn into another Hollywood's statistic child star. Its one thing hanging around with rappers, but its a whole different thing acting like one ( u ain't about that life). 

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  1. Loooooool Bieber ain't about that life, who would be scared if Bieber threatened them looooool

  2. This will lead to law suit as the neighbour wants money. Thats how the entertainment world works.