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Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Muna Lisa 2 Comments

Lord Have Mercy!! Just When You Thought Reality TV Couldn't Get Any Better,There Is A New Show Out Called...'Starter Wives Confidential'. 

This has to be the mother of all ratchet reality shows. This shit is a mixture of Basketball Wives, Love&Hiphop, Mob Wives and Keeping Up With The Kardashians all in one. Now the original cast members were 7 ladies and you see 6 ladies in the image above so you wonder who the missing chick is: thats 50 cent's baby mama Shaniqua! "Why"? You ask, well 50 being the man he is and being at the top of his career, he literally shushed her by putting his people into legal action to put a stop to this mess. Niggas with money and fame please take notes on how to deal with bitter baby mamas hanging your dirty laundry out in the open for the world to witness. 

Meet Monica, the soon-to-be ex wife of the DJ Funkmaster Flex. You know the dude who got arrested because he was caught on the streets doing some down low shit with a transexual person. 

Josie, Floyd Mayweather's baby moms. The chick who got him arrested on the domestic violence situation in 2012 and he did 'time' for it. Oh, and according to her they still smashing. 
Sorry Ms Jackson!

Tashera, DMX estranged wife of 20 years! Now this woman was with X through everything and I mean everything. From arrests to drug problems and to not forget, the 6 kids he fathered by different women all the while they were together. 

Gambino crime family associate Philip Caruso's ex wife Cheryl. We don't know much about her yet but this chick aired her shit out in an episode of the Investigation Discovery series I Married a Mobster. 

Liza, none other than Lamar Odom's mother of his 3 kids. One must wonder how the tribe Kardashian are going to feel about the show specially since Lamar's family are so tight with her that they even make the occasional appearances on the show. One piece of crucial information: homegirl is 33 years old and never been intimate with another man except for Lamar Odom! WTF?! And you wonder why the dude married the biggest industry's pussy sister...

Last but definitely not the least, meet Zakia. Rapper Maino's ex and baby mother. This chick can go from 0 to 60 in matter of seconds. Her storyline is that she is beefing Lil Kim coz dear lil Kimmy slept with Maino while still in a relationship with Zakia and therefore wants to beat the plastic of out Lil Kim. It doesn't get any better than this. 

This has to be the only reality show out where all the baby fathers are still main stream relevant and you know there will be a whole lot of lawsuits and social network drama. And as we all know there is nothing 'Confidential' about this show as feelings and past relationships are being exposed to the extent that in every 2 scenes there is at least one chick crying and the rest are sobbing with her as they hear how many times the ex cheated and how he left her broke. 
But hey, we wouldn't want to watch if there is no drama 
(look at Hollywood Exes). 

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