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Sunday, January 20, 2013 Muna Lisa 3 Comments

The moment you all have been waiting for (including CYI) has finally arrived! An exclusive interview with none other than the talented singer Jai Amore. CheckYI went to see him perform at his gig, called Something for Sunday in Shoreditch, London and was taken aback by the amount of talents the show had. 

Apart from being resident performer at Something for Sunday, he also is a host at the Shoreditch radio station and his semi album is coming out in March, 2013. Jai Amore has got several achievements under his belt including a MOBO award. He has also performed and collaborated with Chipmunk, Joe Budden and Nutty P, to name a few. He is recognised as someone gifted with an old soul and a fun, energetic and youthfully expressed voice.  

As he watches the various artists and their performances, Jai concludes the show with a song, written on the spot, that is based on those events and exhibitions of the night. 
By the end of the show, I've caught up with the 27 years old, London born Ghanian singer who gave us the answers to the questions we were all dying to know...

Who were your childhood influences?

I grew up on country music funnily enough. My dad wasn't really a massive soul or RnB fan, so I only found out about Michael Jackson at school! I think that's where my story-telling, song writing style comes from. But then, I grew up with some amazing singers from my young church years, so I got really inspired as a kid by MJ, Boyz to Men, R Kelly, Dru Hill, Brandy, Lauren Hill... The list goes on. It's all old school RnB. And Queen! Man! Harmonies boi! 

What made you driven to music or singing?

Well, it's an escape isn't it? Music for me is like a secret superpower. Any time there's something in life that makes me feel like I'm not enough, I can always write a song and become whoever I dream of being. It's my idealistic way of living, expressed through song. For me, I can take my real life stories, and not always have a sad ending.

On the other hand, my parents would have preferred if I was an accountant, or an architect. I did quite good at school. But to be honest, I didn't care much for anything else once I found music. I'm the same now. Nothing else counts when you've got a passion for something, and a will to see it through. 

What is your music mainly about?

I'm a deeply sex-driven creature. So a lot of my songs, like Night Shift, Pressure, Holla, which I got MOBO Best Unsigned for, they're all about girls and LONG journey to understanding a woman's psyche and the amazing curve of learning that comes with the territory. 

On the other hand, I aim to inspire. So when things get a bit deep for me, a bit real in life, I turn to music to inspire myself and others. So I write a lot of songs about maximising your abilities, and taking control of your life. The whole "Don't Half Live" ethos, in songs like Gimme the Night, Breakout, Build Your Love. It's all about taking responsibility for your own success and believing in the dreams that drive you. 

So tell me more about your new song 'Gimme the Night'...

It's one of the first singles that I've written that spoke from all the angles of my artistry. I wrote, produced, and arranged this tune. Recorded it with a great producer called Show N Prove, and it turned out to be a real feel good tune. It kind of wrote itself, in the literal sense of the word. When I was creating this tune, I wrote it section by section, line by line, and went straight in and recorded it as I thought it up. And in my mind, I was like "this tune is about building your own path, not taking someone else's, but creating your own reality", and that's the hidden meaning behind it. That you can create whatever your heart desires, if you just decide to. You can build your whole empire brick by brick single handedly, and show it off to the world in full glory. Success is a decision, I think. 

Click On This Link Below For 'Gimme the Night'

What more can we expect from you in the future?

Well, primarily, it's all about music for me. I'm always recording, always writing, and I've got some amazing artists and producers around me. I just want to bring as much of what I'm recording to my supporters. Nothing hurts me more than to have an amazing portfolio of songs, but they're just sitting in my iTunes rotting away. They're for the world, not for me. I don't write just to inspire me. So the journey is toward releases, singles, EP's, and God-willing, the album. And most importantly, being there for my supporters, and giving them something to remember me by. 

Check Out His James Brown Cover Below:

Check him out on Youtube /JaiAmore, follow him on Twitter @JaiAmore and visit his Facebook Page  'Jai Amore'. Yes, Do all of those above!

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