Marrying The Game... Or Something

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 Muna Lisa 4 Comments

Being one of the leading network of 'Reality TV' VH1 has outdone themselves once again! With shows which have proven to be hit such as Behind The Music, Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop (New York and Atlanta), they've managed to turn their camera on none other than The Game.

'Marrying The Game' which is the title of the reality programme was scheduled to premier on the 19th of November. At first, CYI had mixed feelings about The Game, the self confessed 'GANGSTA' rapper to star in a reality show and hang his dirty laundry to potential millions of people. Although CYI was a bit apprehencive about the show, we felt obligated to the rest of our fellow audience to watch it and judge it for our selves. 

The show is about The Game being in the process of getting married to his long-term girlfriend/ fiancee/ babymom Tiffney Cambridge, an elementary school teacher ( who by the way looks like his aunt mixed with MiMi from LHHA). 

It starts off with the rapper speaking on how much of a family man he is, considering him having 3 children with the same woman. Now that, right there, we did NOT expect. 

Also mentioning that they have been together for 8 years, since he was 24 years old, but what we really wana know is: Just how old is Tiffney??

Moving on... the premier also highlights how emotional unsupportive he is when it comes to the preparation of their upcoming wedding as he decides to sleep instead of viewing their venue cause "he was up all night in the studio". 

Long story short, by just viewing the first episode, CYI feels that there is nothing special nor out of the ordinary about this docu-serie.  

Prediction: He doesn't care about the details of planning the wedding, she gets fed up and 'leaves', he realises what he lost and tries to change to get her back and of course he succeeds in that. She comes back, they get married and life "happily ever after".  

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