The ''Misdemeanor'' is Back

Sunday, September 30, 2012 CheckYI 0 Comments

The long awaited hip hop legend Miss Elliot is back and ready to reclaim her spot. With her long time friend and producer Timbaland on her side, the duo has created something fresh and new and while not loosing their signature beat.

With 9th Inning and Triple Treat proven to be hit on ITunes, it is only natural to anticipate an album from the singer/ producer/ rapper. 

But for now we'll enjoy this these two phenomenon tracks.

A lot of 'artists' and their 'music' nowadays are often overrated and have seem to have been off the track when it comes to hip hop music so as a true fan of Missy Elliot and Timbaland's work, it's our obligation to enlighten our fellow audience that, if these are the first two songs then imagine what the album would be like or even the possibility of a tour of these dynamic duo.

Check out their latest interview at The Breakfast Club 105.1 which  has taken place on the same date as the release of the 9th Inning. Other topics will also be highlighted, with of the most covered being Drake tryng to do an album with the late R&B star Aaliyah. Definitely woth it to watch.

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