Chad & Evelyn Go Head 2 Head ( Literately)

Sunday, August 12, 2012 CheckYI 2 Comments

The newly-weds Chad Ochocinco (Johnson) & Evelyn Lozada got into a fight last night at their Miami home. According to sources, Evelyn found a receipt in Chad's pocket, indicating that he bought condoms.. So she went in on him, Basketball wives style. But we guess that she forgot Chad aint no Jennifer and head butted her, which caused injuries on her forehead! 

When the police were called, the NFL player got arrested and Evelyn was taken to the hospital. Although his bond was paid, which $2,500, Chad still remains under police custody.

Now we knew that this 'relationship' was doomed and it would only be a matter of time before some sort of showdown was going to happen but we did NOT expect it to happen just few months after that 'fairytale' wedding. 

We will keep you posted!!!


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