Can Sex and Love Be Separated???

Sunday, December 11, 2011 CheckYI 0 Comments

We have always wondered what the fine line is between sex and love and when people separate and/or combine these two together, so we have decided to do a little survey on how people interpret these two things and were surprised with the outcome:

According to our survey results, people (particularly men) thought that these two had nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do with each other. They see sex as important as sleep, food and air (things humans cant live without) and therefore must be consumed on regular basis. But you see, if everybody was on the same page on this view, there wouldn't be so much baby mama/baby daddy drama on this world because there are always those ( you know who you are) that are confused and think that once you have regular sex, love and relationship will follow automatically. Not realistic...

Just because you have sexual chemistry with someone does NOT  mean the other person is in love with and think shit automatic, in fact find out first what this person' s intentions are before you jump in bed with them...Let us know what you think of this outcome!

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