Could you be

In A Open Marriage???

With relationships and marriages now being more open and complicated than ever before; is the society tarnishing the sacred vows of two people coming together or do we have to adapt to the way we view monogamy?

Monique speaking on her open-marriage:
About couple of weeks ago I was online minding my business  lurking and reading articles when I, once again, came across this topic that I'm about to discuss; so actress/comedian Monique stated more than once that she and her husband were in a 'open-marriage'
meaning that they are free to have sexual partners outside their relationship. After those public statements, needless to say she got lot of flak for it, in which she felt the need to make yet another statement defending her case as she referred other celebrities couples Will & Jada and Brad & Angelina making the same life choices and not being judged due to their physical appearances. 

Are we following a trend or this is an ancient practice?
Polygamy has been practiced since the human existence in many different cultures where men were usually the ones to have multiple mistresses but married to one woman. Even today, in some cultures in India, there are women who are married to two or three different men. So did we adapt monogamy in the recent evolution and now we are going back to our ancient tradition with a modern twist? Or are we simply trying so hard to be open-minded that we are accepting of every new norm regarding our personal lives? 

Celebrities vs regular people in open marriages:
When you have millions of people watching your every move, groupies throwing themselves at you and literally being worshipped by your fans, its quite easy to lose grip on the real world and how regular people deal with it vs how the celeb deals with it. Call me opinionated and/or judgemental but the way I see it: it feels as if these celebs want to push their lifestyle onto us regular ass people and there is where my issue comes in. I have way too many 'average people problems' and being in open relationship/marriage is not and will not be one of them.  

My personal view:
Society is changing us to the point where we forget nor value the reason behind committing to one person we would like to share and spend our life with. 
Can somebody, anybody explain to me why two people would get married, take vows, share life together if the single lifestyle is still in their system?
How does it even work? Do you go on double-dates? Can you bring the other person home? Is it just sexual thing or do you actually have a whole relationship?
These are sincere questions so if any of my readers are in an open situation then please let me know. 


Rock Star David Bowie Dies of Cancer

After battling with cancer for over a year and a half, singer died at the age of 69. 

Statement released by his son Duncan Jones confirmed the passing of the legendary rock star David Bowie. 

"While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief."

After 40 years of being influential in the rock music industry, the singer released his 25th and last album, Blackstar on his birthday, which was on Friday. 

My condolences to his wife Iman and the rest of his loved ones. 

Money vs Passion

Money vs Passion 

They say "focus on your passion and money will follow" but living in todays world and in one of the most expensive capitals, how can one solely focus on passion if the passion isn't bringing in enough to put bread on the table? 

There are certain careers that gives you opportunity to start working for already established companies and therefore can work your way up, such as being a lawyer, doctor, engineer etc. however, this article is focusing on the career paths that requires the individual to be more creative and artistic. These career paths are for writers, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs… I think you know where I am going with this, so lets start shall we?

Since we live in this realistic world, one where you need roof over your head, got bills to pay and food on the table, how can you choose and find the right equilibrium between a job and following your dreams?

Lets say you are writing your greatest novel while working a regular job, which you have no intention of staying and merely there to make ends meet. You are up till stupid hours to write but then you also have to go to your nine to five, five days a week. 
This then could prove that juggling a day time job, while working on your dream career, your true calling as they say, to be difficult. 

Speaking (in this case writing) from personal experience, 
I would recommend to cut it down to part-time instead of full time job. If your boss ain't with it (like my old boss) then make sure you save enough money to get you by for a temporary solution, at least until you get a flexible job that can accommodate while you are focusing on your passion. 

Now don't get me wrong; I not trying to make you quit your day job to follow your dream while homeless or sofa-surfing as this isn't an "inspiring" Hollywood movie but as tomorrow is never guaranteed, then why not take a leap of faith and work on something you are truly passionate about instead of living with regret when you look back (decades later) at your life. 

People (mainly family and/or friends) might not understand your mission to chase your dreams as us human are afraid of the uncertainty that comes with that. Loved ones are usually not "hating"…Trust me, nothing is more discouraging than loved ones doubting you but don't take it to heart as some people are narrow minded and simply cannot comprehend your choice of path. 

This is one of those scenarios where balance, budget and being organised come to play. You need to be able to balance your time between working and working on your craft. Budgeting is highly imperative, especially if you quit your regular job or decided to do part-time and of course, organising all of the above. 
There are things you can do in to jumpstart you career such as, training, work experience, internships, apprenticeships etc. don't forget that networking is also vital. Sometimes planting yourself around the right people at the right time and place is the key of that door where your passion is waiting for you. 

What are you passionate about? 



God Created Man And Man Created Immortality.

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Ryan Reynolds, Natalie Martinez, Matthew Goode
Director: Tarsem Singh 
Genre: Sci/fi Thriller
Written by: Alex Pastor & David Pastor

Damien Hale (Ben Kingsley) is a wealthy entrepreneur suffering from terminal cancer along with almost non-excistant relationship with his only daughter. When he finds out through his business partner about a (secret) scientific institute that caters to the wealthy in transforming his mind into a new body, he reluctantly agrees to inheriting new and younger body of a man           (Ryan Reynolds). 

As Damien is adjusting and enjoying his new young, hot and healthy body, he begins to suffer from visions of what seems to be past life of his new body. However, when he reveals this to his doctor/scientist (Matthew Goode), he assures Damien that its nothing more than hallucinating. 
Not believing him the doctor/scientist, he starts to search the identity of his new body, soon followed by sinister secrets of the organisation and their willingness to do whatever it takes to keep him from finding the truth. 

My take:
A really good movie but somewhere towards the end, where it should have been the climax of the film, it loses IT, causing the plot to loose its purpose. Many questions rose in my head: Who are the organisation? Are they backed by the government? How can one man kill all of these people? How does he know that a bullet can stop from the mind being transferred to another body?

It almost felt as the director got bored mid-filming and decided to just throw everything in it. Maybe he got mid inspired (or demotivated). In whichever the case, I really wish the plot would have been less predictable and stayed on track with the initial 
The potential certainly was there, however it went from thriller to a full blown action flick, including car chases, kidnapping, rescuing the damsel in distress and her little girl. 

However, just as it started off great, it also ended emotionally great. What can I say? I am a sucker for a tear drop worthy endings. Definitely a movie to watch, even if it is just for the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds, so judge it for yourself. 

When do you

Introduce Your Child To Your New Man?

As being a single mother isn't hard enough, now you also have to consider when and how you are going bring the new man into your kid's life. 

The recent story about singer Ciara introducing her infant son to her new her man NFL player Russell Wilson has caused quite a controversy. What is wrong with this you wonder, well according to the father of her son who is the rapper Future and some media outlets; it is too soon for the child and the football player to be spending so much time together as the couple are only dating few months. 

As old as time and the human race, gender roles always came with great double standards along with unwritten rules, which makes this case a prime example as one of them. 
What makes a woman irresponsible for introducing her child to her boyfriend? Why is the man less judged for moving on from previous relationship? And the main question: When is the right time to allow your child in the presence of your new dude? 

In some cultures when the woman is a single mother, not many men dare to date, love her nor publicly claim her as she brings shame due to her previous failed relationship, categorising her as 'used up'. 
But lets think for a second and ask ourselves; How about if the roles were reversed and it is the man how introduced his new Mrs to his child? 

Not only did Ciara got scrutinised and prejudiced but so did Russell Wilson as people (mainly men) claimed he is playing daddy to a child that is not his, therefore disrespecting the father of the child… ok. 

A man can have multiple mothers to his children aka baby moms but if a man dates a single mother, then it is an issue and frowned upon. 
Now, it is absolutely understandable if this man has a baggage such as criminal record (register sex offender is an absolute no)  multiple baby mothers (Future) and/or questionable past. 

You can't help with whom you fall in love with and there are men out there who are genuine with their intentions so why prevent that with judgement because they are not taking it slow according to your timing?
As long as the biological father has been notified about the new bae, then it shouldn't be any issue. I mean, there will be a point in which you will move on regardless. 


To Join The Voice US

NBC chairman has officially announced that the international superstar will join the music show. 

The news was announced yesterday by NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt has announced that the singer will be joining next season of the hit show. 
"This is one of music's true supervisors coming on board to influence the lives and careers of the performers". said Greenblatt during TCA press tour.

Although Rihanna will not be one of the four judges to coach the contestants, she will be the key advisor to all coaches during the knockout rounds of season nine. 

Congrats to RiRi and The Voice as the mutual benefits will be major for both parties. 


To lighten dark armpits and eliminate odour

While shaving your armpits could eventually lead to darker and saggy skin compared to the rest of your skin. There is a hidden secret that only few know about it. 

Known to be one of the best hang-over cure (when mixed with water), Lime/lemon contains acids and antioxidants ingredients which cleanses the body on the inside as well as the skin. 

Although there are various methods of eliminating a dour on armpits such Botox, which is known to reduce excessive sweat but containing chemical ingredients not to mention the price tag that comes with it. 

This has to be one of the most simple, organic yet cheap way of getting the result you desire. 
Not does it only lighten the armpits but it also eliminates the odour and any over excessive sweat.  
1. Cut one rip lime or lemon in half
2. Rub the citrus into your armpits and leave it for 10 to 15
3. Wash it off as you normally would and repeat this routine daily. 

This also works on men so if you are a male reading this, don't be quick to dismiss it. 
After trying it for seven days straight, I can honestly say that this method absolutely works. 
Depending on how often you use, it would take time for results to show so be patient with it. 
Please try it and leave your feedback in the comment box below as I am really curious to it works it for you. 


Bobbi Kristina

It is now officially confirmed that Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has passed away, 26/07/1993. 

The daughter of music legend Whitney Houston dies at age 22, family confirms. Six months after being found in bathtub in her home, facing down Bobbi has made her transition weeks after being transferred from hospital to a hospice in Georgia with family members were by her side. 

CYI first reported this story early February this year when the troubled young Bobbi was found in bathtub of her home, unconscious. It was alleged that she had drugs in her system but also what appeared to be bruises on her body and swollen lip. 

As the story is still developing, DailyMail reports that police is investigating the case and Nick Gordon who is the alleged husband of Bobbi Kristina, is the prime suspect in this investigation. 
Autopsy will be conducted on her to examine and reveal what the cause of her death is as it is still unclear since she first was found unconscious. 

One of the biggest loses a person could go through in life are the loss of a parent and the loss of a child so I can only imagine the pain this girl was experiencing post her mother's death. And as life in the lime light proves to intensify personal struggles, it is deeply sad that this young soul's life got cut so abruptly. 
This is very tragical time for both families and our prayers are with them. 
Rest In Peace. 


Black Rose 

Two years since 'Open Invitation' came out and another Fast & the Furious movie under his belt, Tyrese releases his much anticipated album. 

Black Rose' the seventh album of the singer/actor has officially been released last Friday. 
14 songs including features with Snoop Dogg, Brandy, Tank and Chrisette Michele, track after track this is the kind of album you won't want to skip a song. The pellucid way of writing layers the songs with emotions of honesty and pain.

Excellent produced and composed while speaking through his truth of failed relationship(s), broken hearts and infidelity regrets, this album has all the traits of traditional R&B love story. 

In recent interview with Angie Martinez, the singer mentions that one of the main reasons as to why he made this album is that he feels that real R&B music is fading and what we hear on the radio and main stream media isn't real R&B. He continues to say "I don't have 15 rappers on my album" shade or nah? 

This is my top five (so far) songs on the album. 

Addict' is the first track on the album and he made a great choice doing so as the first song always should demonstrate a glimpse of whats to be expected from the album. The lyrics are a perfect mixture of love and lust, 

Dumb Shit (featuring Snoop Dogg and Black Ty)
Named after one of Tyrese's favourite sayings, 'Dumb Shit' is already a hit amongst fans. Reminiscing all the mistakes made in love department, Tyrese sings while Snoop is rapping about it… I am sorry in both R&B and Hip Hop language. 

In Shame Tyrese delivers transparency as he pours his heart out about all the cheating he has done in his previous relationships although he does not particularly state which one his exes he referring to, it is however a song that all listeners can relate to. 

Don't Wanna Look Back (featuring Chrisette Michelle) 

One of my favourite songs on Black Rose, great collab as they compliment each other's vocals in this love fest track. This is the kinda song that makes you fall in love with the idea of love. 

The Rest of Our Lives (Featuring Brandy)
This song is just all shades of love and romance. Perfectly balancing one another, these two artists have created the classical duet of a beautiful R&B song…And Brandy will take you there. 

This is now by far one of my favourite R&B albums in 2015. Modern yet classic, it's what I like to call pure R&B as we all know and love it. 

Can You

Date A Broke Man?

The heading might be a bit "in your face" but the more subtle question would be; could you date a man who isn't as (yet) established as you are? 

Picture this: You have finally met the man of your dreams minus the career thus also minus the cash. However, he does have a dream and ambition. Would you mind playing the reverse role and support him in however you can despite the uncertainty of how long it might take him to establish himself?

Although there are quite a few success stories (Obama and Michele, Tia Mowry and her husband) in which women initially started dating men who were on the come-up whereas the woman already had established herself career wise. On the contrary there are also stories where relationships eventually fail due to the couple not being able to be on the same page when it comes to career/money, making the woman the breadwinner. Seeing potential in your man obviously is one the key attractions you had for him from the beginning but what if his dreams are just that… dreams?

If his dreams and ambitions are met by how hard he works towards it, then why not say"love conquers all" so when you meet that one and you see the potential in him, then why not take a leap of faith and see if you two can be the next success story. 

However, a woman in her 30s who has hustled and worked her ass off to establish the career and the life she yearned for, it is hard to go backwards in terms of dating a man who is similar age but yet still trying to figure himself out thus being maybe unemployed or in between odd jobs. 
Nobody wants to be stuck with the bills while your significant other is trying establish his rap career in his mid 30s. 

Share your views on the comment box down below as I would love to hear your thought on this matter. DON'T HOLD BACK!